Thursday, July 19, 2018

Local News - Animals in Hot Cars: Wait, DON'T Break!

Hello Everyone,

If you happen to see an animal locked in a hot car with the windows up, please call the police and let them handle the rescue. This prevents you from being liable for any damages to car windows. While keeping an animal in a car with the windows up is against city ordinance, you could still be held liable. Voilators who leave an animal locked in a car will face a citation and could also go to jail.

Ordinance Sec. 5-15. - Safety of animals in motor vehicles.

Friday, June 29, 2018

WEHA Meeting - Crime in Alleyways

On June 27th the WEHA group hosted a meeting to address crime in alleyways. Topics of discussion included plans to cleanup the alleyways by holding homeowners accountable for overgrown vegetation, abandoned vehicles, etc, the need to report such violations using the 311 app, adding outreach efforts and groups to disband homeless encampments, and even the possibility of closing non-service alleyways and giving the land back to the lot owners. Please find the meeting minutes below and a recording of the meeting in the following link:

4:08 - 4:15 -
Alice C
  • Cleanup on alleyway between Travis and Martin (homeless issues and vagrancy) 
  • Did a recent sweep last week from Travis to Martin
  • Working on sweep that starts from Martin and Cecilia to W. Commerce to Chupaderas
    • Issues notice to homeowners for violations to code 
      • Inoperable vehicles 
      • Overgrown vegetation
    • Environmental issues are enforced
      • Overgrown lot 
      • Hazardous structure
      • Abandoned cars
      • NOT vagrancy or criminal activity
    • Small dept means we need to report to get sweeps to happen
      • Report via 311
      • 19th to Brazos and Mercedes has 1 officer
      • Officer monitors frequent problem areas
    • 7/14 Will have dump trucks
      • Allow for disposal of solid waste and vegetation

4:19Mr Mesa
  • Collaborates with WEHA 
    • Coordinating with other groups like IWSA
    • Organizes meetings
  • Shirley and Haven addressing alleyway issues
    • Working to address homelessness
      • Allows for treatment for medical or substance abuse
      • Providing outreach
    • Disbanding homeless camps
      • Homeless return after disbandment 
    • Working on a strike team
      • Service homeless that want it
      • Provide resources for homeless so they can stay somewhere during the day
    • Adding lighting issues on streets and alleyways
      • Address crime and murders
      • DREAM center has relocated to area
        • Helps parents that need child supervision 
        • Provides services for food, diapers, etc.
        • Now has non-emergency number to get involved 

Joe Picaso
  • Addresses community concerns 
    • Homeless encampments
      • Defined as a group of people that regularly congregate and build makeshift shelter
      • New efforts by courts are making it difficult for government agencies to clean up
  • Complex issue requiring help from many
    • Mental Health Team
      • City-wide group ~12 officers
      • Work with patrol officers for suicide calls
    • Impact Team
      • Partnership between SAPD and SAFD
      • Wears plain clothes 
      • Outreach to homeless people
      • Can't force homeless to accept services
        • Hospital, jail, etc for dangerous individuals
      • No defined boundaries
    • Hope Team 
      • Positive encounters
      • Homeless veterans 
      • Help Individuals without ID to get govt help
      • No defined boundaries

  • Works with TCI to disband encampments
  • Alley cleanups are the responsibility of the homeowner and done as a service by them
    • Hold neighbors accountable
    • Too many alleys to fix them all
  • Criminal trespass affidavits 
    • Form that says anyone who is trespassing on my property is not allowed to do so
    • They can be arrested 
    • Bumps to Class B misdemeanor
  • Hundreds of weapons and grams of illegal drugs taken
  • Dozens of drug houses busted 
    • Covert operation
    • Looking at foot traffic
    • Obtains a warrant and busts house
Ken Wilson CEO of Haven
  • 3 officers on staff at campus
    • Shirley
    • Henderson
    • Brown
  • 1700 people live at haven
    • 250 children
  • 6 people recruit homeless daily
  • Give city notice before addressing encampments
  • Can't force people to come unless it's an emergency detention 
  • 16 pickups a day for drug OD 
  • Not homeless, but gatherers too
  • Stores selling beers to people already intoxicated
    • Against the law 
    • Looking for enforcement
4:53 - 5:07
Mary  SA Real Estate Commission
  • Closing alleyways
    • Alleys are just public right-of-way but are part of owners original lots
    • Need consent from all neighbors  
      • Sell it as a way to get more land
    • Cannot be in service (public travel)
      • Police, fire, utilities, etc
    • Cannot be used to build on because utilities are run through there
    • Need a survey
      • Determine a value for the property 
        • Provides closure fee
      • Needs to go to public hearing
      • Removes boundary and everyone gets a proportionate share to the center
      • $815 processing fee in addition to closure and survey fee
        • Fee assessed by city, not individual organization
        • May be a way to waive fee

Monday, April 9, 2018

City of San Antonio Budget Survey Now Open

It's time to speak up and share your priorities for the Fiscal Year 2019 budget!
You can learn more about the City's budget and utilize an interactive budget simulator at
Take the survey today at share it with your neighbors!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Quarterly Meeting

Next meeting scheduled for January 20, 2018 at Sabinas Coffee House, 2303 W. Commerce St, San Antonio, Texas